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Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
Fabulous gifts made from recycled materials

With the amount of magazines printed everyday, it's good to see them being put to use after they are read instead of going to a landfill. Many old things, like magazines and records, are being turned into new items from functional picture frames to fashionable jewelry. See All Our Recycled Products.



Recycled Magazine Picture Frame

Recycled Magazine Home Goods
Picture me Green. Enjoy displaying your pictures in this environmentally friendly picture frame for 4"x 6" photos made from repurposed, rolled and glued magazines. It comes with a hook for wall mounting and a stand for tables. There are also many other recycled products available throughout the store.

Recycled Magazine BoxRecycled Magazine Bowl



Recycled Magazine Necklace

Recycled Magazine Jewelry
Yesterday's news is today's Jewelry. All of these pieces are made from recycled, rolled and glued magazines. Click an image for more details.

Recycled Magazine Bracelet



Recycled Record Picture Frame

Recycled Records
Old records get a new life when someone creativley turns them into something else, say, a picture frame or fashionable jewelry. These handmade, eco-friendly accessories are stylish and cool. You can even feel the grooves in the record.

Recycled Record Bracelet