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Give the Gift of Peace

One of the most instantly recognized images in the world--the peace sign--celebrates its 50th anniversary. Most Americans associate it with the protests against the Vietnam War. Few know that the symbol is much older than that, dating back to a different protest across the sea in Britain as symbol for the campaign for nuclear disarmament. Created by Gerald Holtom, it is based on the Naval sign language of semaphore, matching the 'N' for nuclear & a straight up-and-down 'D' for 'Disarmament,' with a circle around it.


The 'n' and 'd' of nuclear disarmament were its source, but its meaning quickly embraced a bigger cause: as a symbol for protest in the broadest sense, more specifically as a sign for peace. And because Gerald Holtom and the anti-nuclear campaign deliberately didn't copyright the symbol, no one owns it - or, perhaps everyone does.



Woodstock Festival Remembered
Autographed by Michael Lang
First Edition Collectible - Brand New, Pristine Condition

We have just received a limited number of copies of 'Woodstock Festival Remembered'. This wonderful book was a decade in the making, published in 1979, it contains, in one volume, the quintessential photographs of the 1969 Woodstock Festival combined with the story as narrated by Michael Lang, the man famous for making it happen. These are Brand New, First Editions in perfect condition and are autographed by Michael Lang.


This 128 page, 9"x 12" soft-bound book chronicles the Woodstock Experience from the seed of an idea through the final cleanup. It includes 114 Black & White and 124 Color photographs from famed photographers including Elliot Landy and Barry Levine. Post Cards from these photographers are available in our Stationery Department.




Peace Collage Gold Necklace
Peace Collage
Gold Necklace
Gold Hamered Metal Peace Bracelet
Peace Symbol
Gold Bracelet
Peace Souvenir Box
Give Peace a Chance
Souvenir Box
Rhinestone Peace Bracelet
Peace Bracelet
Small Peace Sign Candle
Small Peace
Sign Candle
Woodstock Crew Peace Cap
Woodstock Crew
Peace Cap
Peace Fingers Key Chain
Peace Fingers
Key Chain
Bethel Woods Peace Logo Mug
Bethel Woods
Peace Logo Mug
Bethel Woods Peace Logo Shot Glass
Peace Logo
Shot Glass