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Autographed: The Year The War Came Home

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Autographed Copy!

By. Richard W. Paterson



Autographed Copy!


"Max and Francie fall in love amid the swirl of epic historic events - the after-Woodstock festivals, the My Lai massacre, the first draft lottery, and the Kent State shootings. They contend with ways to make peace, love, and music - and arrive at very different solutions."


About the author: Richard W. Paterson, dropped out of a Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing in 1970 to devote full energy to resisting the Vietnam War as a conscientious objector. He later earned a Ph.D. in environmental studies and has taught at elementary through graduate levels.


ForeWord Clarion Reviews gives the book four stars and says, "The Year the War Came Home effectively offers a glimpse into the hell that war creates for families and those faced with having to participate in combat. Paterson has written a provocative book that is worth reading.".