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Tripping Across 1969 Novel

Tripping Across 1969 Novel

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By: Josef N. Ferri



"Daniel Cottone had a magnificent and tumultuous year in 1969. There was the contentious, ongoing struggle for civil rights for minorities erupting across America and the continuation of an excruciating, unpopular war in Vietnam. The forces obstructing the civil rights effort and supporting the devastating conflict were stubbornly steadfast. Cottone looks back at the eras events, as well as the painful memories of his first lovea love that he lostin this epic novel. Amid that backdrop is the pressure of the military draft, the Woodstock music festival, and the narrators increasing doubt about the war and American values. His experiences mirror the road that many of his peers traveled, but inexplicably, by the end of 1969, that intangible something that defined the era had already begun to fade. The title of the book contains and embodies the word Tripping. With respect to the story, it has three primary definitions: tripping as in traveling; tripping as in searching and stumbling; and, finally, tripping as in tripping (on drugs). Join Cottone as he travels across America in search of new places and new people becoming an active participant of history in Tripping Across 1969. Mr. Ferri has his other book available on this site also, -Trying to Catch the Wind-Another great Novel...