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We Are Woodstock Book

We Are Woodstock Book


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By: G. A. Eldridge

"This is the book that will put you there!"

"Not only did I fell like I was there, I got high from the book." - Steve Bop, DJ from Music Lab Radio



"It's the summer of '69 in up-state New York. Glenn just quit his job, his girlfriend dumped him, but nothing is going to stop him from going to the Woodstock Festival.

Glenn travels with two friends to Yasgur's Farm in Bethel, New York on the eve of the event. They have no idea that a half-million people will attend or that Governor Rockefeller will declare the farm a disaster area. The Weather will also not co-operate, but one of the things that will shine this weekend, besides meeting a couple of musicians, is the appearance of Gail, a free-spirited flower child, who becomes Glenn's new love interest. 

The concert, held at an Aquarian Exposition, is filled with a who's who of artists that represent the music of this generation. You will learn about the performances, some behind the scene shenanigans, and the future of some of the stars. From Richie Havens to Jimi Hendrix, you will be there, even to hear Arlo Guthrie's famous announcement.

Through the pages of this historical fiction novel, you will be at the Woodstock Festival: 3 Days of Peace & Music. Did I mention there is also sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll? Only one thing is for sure... you will be on the grounds of the greatest concert ever."