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The Museum at Bethel Woods, located at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, serves as an educational and informational facility, which explores the unique American experiences of the decade of the 1960s and examines the role of the Woodstock Festival as a culminating event of the decade. The Museum includes exhibits highlighting the social, political, cultural and musical transformations of that period as well as its legacy today. This story is told through personal stories and profiles, immersive multi-media exhibit displays and experiences, engaging programs, and educational events.

The Museum at Bethel Woods also offers on-going programming and educational learning experiences to further its institutional goals, including those designed to encourage social responsibility, present new, interpretive and critical works, share the history of the region, and explore how many of the important issues of the 1960s are being experienced today, such as ecological preservation, idealism and activism, diversity, and the evolution of popular music.

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